We believe in rewarding connection

So we’re democratizing messaging and making every user a co-creator of value.

Shared economy for the messaging industry

Chat apps monopolize hours and hours of our time every day. On MIG Messenger we share profits by paying crypto for every message sent.

Network marketing for the win

In turn, through the BigNetwork system, our club members help us take more supporters onboard to grow, raise capital, and accelerate our innovation timeline to lightspeed.

And for our community? Everything!

Advanced algorithmic trading solutions to earn on autopilot, top-notch knowledge resources, and incredible rewards for club members to revolutionize an industry – together.

What we do


Successful traders and trading bot developers since 2012, we recently diversified into app development with. . .

MIG Messenger

A free chat app that, for every message and invite sent, pays users with. . .

MIG Tokens

Utility tokens optimized for fast microtransactions within our in-app wallet. Exchanged on. . .


Our exclusive network marketing club, rewarding members with considerable profit for carrying the vision forward.


Alex Chivu

Founder & CEO

A seasoned finance and crypto veteran with a knack for robotics, Alex has mediated international trade relations, built large-scale crypto mining operations and sold three startups for over 110 million dollars.

Gregory Barsky


Founder and co-director of the DM Enterprises LTD Gregory is an American entrepreneur. He has a huge experience in investment, financial management, securities fund management also.

Our family of companies

DM Enterprises

London, UK

Manages all things club, including memberships, invites, commission payouts, and members’ privacy and customer protection.

MIG Messenger

Tallinn, Estonia

In charge of developing the messenger app, the MIG crypto ecosystem, and improving and maintaining trading bots.

Let’s connect!

Meet our vibrant community to find invite links and revolutionize messaging, together.